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Walled corner shelves

Jacques Hitier Walled Corner Shelves | Étagère murale d'angle de Jacques Hitier | Shelves 1950s

Among Jacques Hitier’s shelves, let’s focus in this chapter on one of his most iconic shelves: Jacques Hitier walled corner shelves.





Background of these walled corner shelves

Jacques Hitier Walled corner Shelves | Étagère d'angle murale de Jacques Hitier | Shelves 1940s | appartement témoin Auguste Perret | Le Havre | 2013

The central metallic pole represents a break in style after the Second World War at the early stage of the Reconstruction period.

Design to optimize the living space and avoid congested spaces with the constraints of limited living areas from the 50s and the 60s.

It is made to arrange a reading corner with 2 mains functionalities:

  • lighting
  • shelving

Jacques Hitier walled corner shelves’ specifications


Tubular coated metal structure

Some models are composed of a hanging lamp and others don’t have it.

Wooden shelves


  • Width: 69 cm
  • Height: 148,5 cm
  • Depth: 69 cm

Jacques Hitier walled corner shelves seen on the web

Projects with the corner shelf

Interior design project

Jacques Hitier corner self | Interior design project

In 2021, Jacques Hitier’s corner shelf (the model with the hanging lamp) has used in the redesign of a super chic Parisian life-long apartment by the French interior designer Isabelle Stanislas.

More information about the interior design project

Read the interview of Isabelle Stanislas about Jacques Hitier

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