Jacques Hitier by Isabelle Stanislas

In this episode, this is the designer and interior architect Isabelle Stanislas who share what the designer Jacques Hitier means to her.

She shares with us about Jacques Hitier’s work, achievements, heritage, and contribution.

4 questions for 4 answers to discover Jacques Hitier through the eyes of a contemporary designer.

About Isabelle Stanislas

Isabelle Stanislas is a French architect, interior designer, and restorer who has headed her Isabelle Stanislas Architecture studio since 2000.

Inspired by Morocco, France, and Israel, her artwork is mixing different disciplines, from interior design, architecture, and furniture creation, to brand identity, and set design.

Her warm, elegantly modernist works include Ibiza’s Mikasa hotel, a house in Portugal, the Elysée Palace, an on-the-boards Cartier flagship in Monaco, and furniture for Galerie BSL and The Invisible Collection, to name a few.

Design is a vision that brings together senses, function, and aesthetic.

Isabelle Stanislas, about the design

Here is her perspective about Jacques Hitier

What does Jacques Hitier mean to you?

Un travail avec de l’âme. Discret et pertinent.

Jacques Hitier and you

J’ai découvert Jacques Hitier à une exposition de design à Paris. J’aime les matières, et surtout la manière dont il gère la fonction. 

Les proportions sont justes et s’intègrent dans une architecture brute ou historique. Il y a une certaine intemporalité dans le travail de Jacque Hitier.

What is the most iconic furniture of Jacques Hitier according to you? And why?

C’est les bibliothèques d’angle !

Ce sont des objets, esthétiques par essence, des bibliothèques ou étagères. Il y a un coté sculptural dans son travail.

What is the most significant Jacques Hitier’s contribution to the design industry according to you? And why?

Une recherche sur la fonction et les proportions.

Nous ne sommes pas dans du design mais plus dans un travail architectural de l’objet.

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