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Jacques Hitier’s “Mérignac” chair

Jacques Hitier mérignac chair

Among Jacques Hitier’s chairs, let’s focus in this chapter on one of his most iconic low chair: Jacques Hitier Mérignac low chair.





Background of this low chair

At that time, it is considered as comfortable low chair with a comfortable cushion.

There are several models of this armchair to be able to fit with any type of space with a focus on the waiting and welcoming guest rooms:

  • “Picardie” model

Jacques Hitier Mérignac low chair specifications


Tubular metal frame

Structure in one go

Many variations of chair back sizes and chair back/seat materials can be found.

Chair seat/back made of:

  • varnished wooden (teak) slats
  • imitation leather
  • high-end fabric


  • Width: 54 cm
  • Height: 73 cm
  • Depth: 69 cm
  • Chair seat: 27 cm

Many variations of sizes and materials can be found.

Jacques Hitier Mérignac chair in pictures

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