Jacques Hitier’s mirrors

Jacques Hitier Mirrors

Jacques Hitier created a unique set of mirrors whose design is memorable with a timeless style. Let’s (re)discover Jacques Hitier mirrors.

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1950’s / 60’s


Marly Frères

Background of Jacques Hitier’s mirrors

Jacques Hitier Mirrors

While working on tubular shapes, Jacques Hitier creates with new material like plastic and glass. During the 50’s and the 60’s, he adds to many ensembles one side for mirrors.

The mirrors are a key element to open spaces and give light. Jacques Hitier designed all type of mirrors to integrate harmoniously with any type of environment.

Jacques Hitier mirrors’ specifications

  • Rectangle and long ones. Some were thin and sometimes there was many of them on one wall to create a pure geometrical painting
  • Square and usually above low furnitures or radiators
  • Round or oval with different designs

Jacques Hitier mirrors around the web

And others not so well know but very outstanding.

Where to buy Jacques Hitier mirror

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The other Jacques Hitier’s creation

As an interior architect and furniture creator, Jacques Hitier’s artwork is not limited to mirrors. He designed the full space including desks, chairs, shelves, tables and beds.

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