Jacques Hitier’s desks

Jacques Hitier created a unique set of desks whose design is memorable with a timeless style. Let’s discover Jacques Hitier desks.

Jacques Hitier’s most iconic desk design

Jacques Hitier’s creation ranges from corporate desks to school desks through writing desks.

Jacques Hitier walled desk | Secrétaire mural de Jacques Hitier | Desk 1950s

Jacques Hitier’s walled desk

Among , let’s focus in this chapter on one of his most memorable writing desk: Jacques Hitier walled desk. Jacques Hitier designs several variations of portable …
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And more to come 🙌

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Jacques Hitier desks around the web

And others not so well know but very outstanding.

The other Jacques Hitier’s design

As an interior architect, Jacques Hitier’s artwork is not limited to desks. He designed full spaces including chairs, tables, beds , shelves and mirrors.

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