Jacques Hiter: a transmitter of knowledge

Throughout his life, Jacques Hitier was always driven by the intent of sharing his knowledge with aspiring young designers.

This wish materialises in the multiple roles he had in L’École Boulle:

  • Specialized Teacher: 1946-1964
  • Academic Dean: 1964-1972
  • Director: 1972-1982

Jacques Hitier and the transmission

During all his life, Jacques Hitier doesn’t only create but he also spends time to share with the next generation his experiences and his vision to design.

By the necessity of transmission, he builds the foundations of what the industrial design offers, according to the designer of Charlie Crame, Gaspard Tiné-Berès.

About L’École Boulle – School for Fine Arts and Crafts

The École Boulle was founded in 1886 and is named after the cabinetmaker André-Charles Boulle, who is generally considered to be the preeminent artist in the field of marquetry or inlay during the reign of Louis XIV (1643-1715), the Sun King. André-Charles Boulle’s art is today known as “Boulle Work”.

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