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Jacques Hitier’s schoolchild desk

Jacques Hitier School desk | Bureau d'écolier de Jacques Hitier | Desk 1940s

Among Jacques Hitier’s desks, let’s focus on one of his most iconic school desk. (Re)discover the Jacques Hitier’s school desk of your childhood: a rational and solid vintage design and so iconic from 1940’s.






Jacques Hitier School desk | Bureau d'écolier de Jacques Hitier | Exhibition 1949

Jacques Hitier adds a touch of balance and lightness to the classic tubular schoolchild desk used massively since the 1930’s.

The school desk is a genius mix between his Mullca 300 chair and his Antony desk. Jacques Hitier interviewed in 1949 expressed the quality conception’s goal like a wish “to put harmonious ensemble under the young children’s eyes“.

To sum up, this desk can be defined as :

  • Search of rationality and solidity
  • Care about balanced shapes and agile lines

Jacques Hitier schoolchild desk’s specifications


Lacquered metal tube

Pierced and lacquered sheet metal

Waxed solid oak


  • Width: 54 cm
  • Height: 86 cm
  • Depth: 75 cm
  • Seat: 36 cm

Jacques Hitier schoolchild desk seen on the web

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