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Jacques Hitier’s “Libellule” chair

Jacques Hitier Libellule Chair | Jacques Hitier Chaise Libellule | Chair 1950s

Among Jacques Hitier’s chairs, let’s focus in this chapter on one of his most iconic chair: Jacques Hitier Libellule Chair.

Libellule means dragonfly in French. Hence this chair can also be named Dragonfly chair.






Jacques Hitier Libellule Chair | Jacques Hitier Chaise Libellule | Chair 1950s

Moving towards the 50s style, the chair features less and less the traditional sturdiness of the Reconstruction period and is aiming at elegance with subtle and light lines.

This chair is thought for any type of interior, targetting more and more to individuals to fit their private space such as living rooms and dining room.

This chair is also considered to offer a comfortable sitting with a larger seat.

A few considerations from Jacques Hitier’s mind:

  • Style simple, sustainable and elegant to appeal to individuals more and more interested in designing their interior
  • Comfortable furniture – equally important as the style
  • Cost-saving materials for production

Jacques Hitier Libellule chair’s specifications


Tubular metal frame

Stable structure

Chair seat made of different materials (mainly plywood) with a precise finishing


  • Width: 42 cm
  • Height: 76,5 cm
  • Depth: 53 cm
  • Chair seat: 44 cm

Jacques Hitier Libellule Chair seen around the web

Inspired by Jacques Hitier

Great initiative from the artist from Frankfurt (Germany) Markus Friedrich Staab to add another dimension to the Libellule Chair from Jacques Hitier

These variations of Jacques Hitier’s work are available for sales upon request here and here.

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